Powders & liquids analysis

  • IWILDT™-AN PD140 Hand-held Detector
    IWILDT™-AN PD140 Hand-held Detector

    PN140 is a highly sensitive hand-held security device designed for the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects. It can be used to inspect weapons, explosives, knives, cigarettes, lighters, chips or other small metal objects that people carry or hide in packages.

  • IWILDT™-AN 1500 Handheld Dangerous Liquid Detector
    IWILDT™-AN 1500 Handheld Dangerous Liquid Detector

    AN1500 Hand-held Dangerous Liquid Detector is a security inspection instrument specially used to detect flammable, explosive and corrosive liquids. It uses quasi-static computed tomography technology to determine the flammability and explosiveness of the liquid by measuring its dielectric constant and conductivity.

  • IWILDT™-AN 1800  Explosives detector
    IWILDT™-AN 1800 Explosives detector

    AN-1800 trace explosive detector is a kind of explosive detection with fluorescent polymer sensing technology. When a special fluorescent material encounters an explosive molecule, the fluorescence intensity and peak position will change.

  • T200 Flexible Explosion-proof tank
    T200 Flexible Explosion-proof tank

    The explosion-proof tank is made of non-metallic flexible materials and liquids; its mass is less than 35kg, it can be moved by a single person, light and portable; flexible energy absorption protection, equipment does not produce secondary damage debris and other incidental damage in case of excessive explosion.

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