• IWILDT-(D01) Detector
    IWILDT-(D01) Detector

    The 2000 fps IWILDT-(D01) Detector series sets a new standard for imaging speed, bringing the best in photon-counting, direct-conversion imaging to the market.

  • IWILDT-(D04) Detector
    IWILDT-(D04) Detector

    The IWILDT-(D04) series detector is an ultra-fast, high sensitivity, photon counting industrial detector. The combination of efficient, direct conversion Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) technology and the image sharpness of photon counting provides   quality of detail for the exacting standards of industrial inspection.

  • 16-2.5 linear array silicon photodiode detector
    16-2.5 linear array silicon photodiode detector

    IWILDT-16-2.5 is a 16-channel 2.5mm pitch linear array silicon photodiode detector, using a common cathode design, spectral response of 400-1000nm. Users can splice different long distance detection arrays according to their needs. For X-ray and gamma-ray detection applications, BGO, CDWO4, CSI (TL) and other crystal options are available.

  • IWILDT- CMOS (2315) Flat Panel X-ray Detector
    IWILDT- CMOS (2315) Flat Panel X-ray Detector

    IWILDT- CMOS (2315) flat panel X-ray detector is a high speed, low noise X-ray detector with excellent sensitivity. The most advanced large-area CMOS image sensor technology is available with a range of scintillator and interface options.

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