Airport Security Inspection Machine


Airport security machine

Product Brief

Airport security machine is an X-ray detection imaging scanning security inspection equipment. It is a cost-effective X-ray inspection system.

Airport security machine is a modular desktop system, which can be flexibly extended and suitable for different applications.

Airport security machine allows operators to customize functional configuration and image management functions.

Airport security machine is a small area X-ray security inspection machine. Mainly used to detect small goods, parcels, mail, small bags, suitcases, bags, backpacks and other items hidden in prohibited items such as guns, knives, detonators, fireworks and firecrackers.

Airport security machine adopts advanced X-ray low-dose penetration scanning technology. Its penetration force can reach 43mm steel plate.


Product features

Clearer image

Sound and light alarm: sound and alarm light signal when conditions are met.

Very low leakage ray metering rate

One-key shutdown control: just turn the key once during shutdown, the device will automatically shut down safely and reduce equipment failure

Image magnification is more convenient and efficient

Support special image format conversion

Modular design makes fault diagnosis and maintenance more accurate and quick

Energy-saving design: the machine can automatically sense objects, something starts and nothing stops.

Environmental protection design: The lead curtain cover film adopts new pressure film technology to prevent guests' hands from contacting lead and eliminate lead pollution.

X-ray converter arrangement: L-shaped photodiode detector.

Image display mode: Black / White / color. According to the material of the substance, the organic substance is displayed in orange, the inorganic substance is displayed in blue, and the mixture is displayed in green.


Applicable venues:

Airport, customs, station.


Product parameters

Ray source

Penetration force: 43mm steel plate;

Tube voltage: 100 - 160 KV (adjustable);

Tube current: 0.4-1.2 mA (adjustable);

The divergence angle of the beam is 80 degrees.

Heat dissipation mode: oil immersion type;

Radiation protection: 4mm thick lead plate;

Scattering angle: 90 degrees;

Control mode: RS232 serial communication code control;

Collimator: Ultra-narrow slit out beam;


Detection system

Structural design: modularization, compact structure, small size;

Color painting: grey, white and blue;

Detection crystal: GSI;

Photoelectric conversion: silicon photoelectric semiconductor;

Pixel Arrangement: L-shaped Line Array;

Communication interface: RJ45 communication mode;


Image processing

Image workstation: J1900 quad-core/GPU/4G/32G hard disk/19.5 inch DPI20000224 true color LCD display;

Image display: 24 bit Real-time Gray level, pseudo-color (orange is organic, green inorganic, blue-black is metal) switching image display;

Image storage: 1280*1024/24 bit;

Image processing: 2, 4, 8 times magnification, phase inversion, organic and inorganic removal, edge sharpening, tone replacement, image phase inversion;

Color display: multi-energy organic matter is orange, inorganic matter is blue, mixture is green, high-energy and low-energy penetration display and switch;

Monitor: 19.5 inch DPI20000 LCD;


Equipment performance

Channel size: 500 (width) 300 (height) mm; 650 (width) 500 (height) mm; 800 (width) 650 (height) mm; 1000 (width) 800 (height) mm; 1000 (width) 1000 (height)mm; 1500 (width) 1200 (height) mm; 2000 (width) 2000 (height) mm; (available for selection)

Conveyor belt speed: 0.22m/s;

Maximum load of conveyor belt: 300Kg;

Film safety: ISO1600 film safety;

Line resolution: 0.0787mm diameter single solid copper wire;

Penetration resolution: 0.127mm diameter single solid copper wire;

Spatial resolution: horizontal: 1.0 mm in diameter, vertical: 1.0 mm in diameter;

Leakage dose: <0.09uGy/h;

Power loss: 2.5KW (maximum);

Operating voltage: 220VAC (+10%) 50+3Hz;

Energy-saving and environmental protection design: Lead curtain is coated with protective film to avoid lead pollution to human body and prolong the service life of equipment;

Diagnostic function: automatic judgment in case of failure, prompt information in time, easy to maintain;

Detection and alarm: drug explosives and liquid-assisted detection and alarm; some typical drug explosives and liquid appliances and other possible dangerous goods automatic alarm;

Unique functions: date and time display, working status, image microdisplay, operator identification code, baggage count, emergency stop, power on self-diagnosis function, network interface, system work and X-ray emission timing;

Execution standard: ISO 9001 ISO14001 ISO1600 film safety;

Storage temperature/humidity: - 50 ~60 ~20%~95% (without condensation);

Working temperature/humidity: - 40 C-55 C/20%-95% (non-condensation);

Noise level: < 54 dB;


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